The barbecue

Enjoy the juiciness and the taste of grilled meal from the Pyrenees in the barbecue of our rural house. You book a day to use it and bring the meat or you can go to the butchers of Broto Valley, where you can buy the best meat from the sheeps and cows grazed in our mountains. The barbecue is free if you have firewood or we can give you it by 5 euro/barbecue. And don’t forget to calculate about 40 minutes to get ember before cooking the meat.

The common living room

In our rural house there is a spacious and brightening living room perfect for meals and dinners in groups. This area is also for those people who book two or more apartments and need a big place to spend the time and stay together.

The garden

Surrounding our rural house, there are two perfect gardens to be relax or play with children. The fields and forests near our rural house are just an immense garden, which is green almost all the year and where you can walk through its pleasant ancestral paths.