Sarvisé is in the centre of Broto Valley, so you can easily go and visit other valleys of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

If you walk to the east, you go into the heart of Sobrarbe. Here you can find other areas of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park: the Añisclo Canyon, the Escuaín Gorge and the Pineta Valley. This one is an amazing valley in the north area of Monte Perdido massif and in its top is located the Balcón de Pineta, the Frozen lake of Marboré and the glacier of Monte Perdido.

You must visit the Chistau valley with picturesque villages, where there are located the beautiful huts of Viadós and the small lake of Basa de la Mora, one of the most beautiful in the Pyrenees. It is also important the Peña Montañesa, the Aínsa medieval village, the marsh of Mediano, the uninhabited village of Jánovas and the Sierra y Cañones de Guara National Park.

In the west, there are many possibilities. We have the Alto Gállego region and in its head the Tena Valley with its alpine ski resorts, Formigal and Panticosa. In the Jacetania region you must visit the small city of Jaca, where you can see a fortified citadel with exceptional characteristics. In the vicinity is the Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, the most important in Aragon during the Middle Ages and is an extremely singular place where some kings of Aragon were buried.

There is a spectacular railway line that crossed the Pyrenean mountain range connecting with France. In a deep valley and between mountains is located the Canfranc International Railway Station, probably the most spectacular abandoned place in Spain and it contains an amazing history.

The Somport and Portalet ports allow us to cross the border and descend to the French valleys. You can see, among other facts, the change of the vegetation of the northern slope and the different architecture of the villages in the neighbouring country.

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Apartamentos y Casa rural en Sarvisé (Huesca), muy cerca del Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido.