Monte Perdido is the biggest calcareous massif in Western Europe. It is in the National Park and is known as the Three Sorores (Treserols).

Treserols is an enormous peak of spectacular morphology and unique forms formed by three huge peaks: The Monte Perdido (3355), the Cilindro de Marboré (3328) and the Añisclo Peak (3263). Among them, there are about twenty peaks over three thousand metres. Those peaks are both the origin and the feed of all the rivers that cross the valleys in Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.

In these high areas stands out the north summit between the Gabietos and the Three Sorores, a series of peaks and walls with more than three thousand metres where the famous Roland’s Breach is located. This Breach is an enormous gap of 2807 metres high, serves as natural border crossing and is a place full of legend. It has been the crossing point for smugglers, fugitives, refugees, hunters and shepherds throughout history.

The Roland’s Breach is the union point between the south Spanish valleys of the Mountain Range and the French valley of Gavarnie, where you can find the highest waterfall in Europe and an impressive glacial cirque with vertical walls of more than a thousand metres.

You can also access to the outstanding peaks such as the Casco and the Taillón. In the South is situated the Grotto of Casteret, the plains of Millaris, the Refugio de Góriz and the Fanlo port, where you can see big sheep and bovine cattle herds from the villages of Vío Valley and Solana.

To ascend these heights is advisable to be cautious. There are valleys where you can always find water and lush vegetation but the highest part of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park is characterized by its aridity and extreme climate in many times of the year.

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