The surroundings of our rural house are perfect for micology. There are many forests and meadows where we find a wide range of mushrooms coveted due to its excellent gastronomic value. In autumn, there are mycological days in some villages to make the mushroom world known.

If you like fishing, the Ara river basin is the last wild river in the Pyrenees, a coveted place due to its quiet and the purity of its waters.

In the top area of the valley, near the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, is located the Viñamala Game Reserve. An exemplary area for the protection and sustainable hunting of the sarrio (Pyrenean mountain goat) and other symbolic species of the area.

In order to practice these activities, you must respect the regulations established by the Regional Council of Aragón and the local governments of the area, as well as maintaining a responsible attitude to preserve the natural wealth. It is forbidden any of these activities in the limits of the Ordesa National Park.

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Apartments and Rural house in Sarvisé (Huesca) near Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.