Broto Valley is a paradise for Canyoning. You go down deep canyons through amazing waterfalls, slides and jumping to beautiful pools. This sport is practiced in summer and the canyons have different levels of difficulty. In the surroundings you can find the Gloces and Furco ravines.

Rafting is the descend of a group of people on a dinghy through a mountain river. This funny activity is guided by a Rafting guide and you must know how to swim. The activity is in Ara river, the last wild river in the Pyrenees. Spring is the perfect season due to the abundant flow of the rivers.

Kayak is a variety of dugout canoe of Eskimo origin made for fishing and hunting. Nowadays, it is used to descend rough waters. You can find courses of all levels in the companies of the area. It is important the Bujaruelo and the Ara river canyon descends.

In our rural house there is information about the adventure sport companies located in the area.

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