Broto Valley is one of the most beautiful in the Aragonese Pyrenees. It is traversed from north to south by the Ara River, the last wild river in the Pyrenees and there are small villages on its banks, including Sarvisé, where our house is located. There are other villages: Broto, Torla, Buesa, Oto, Fragen, Víu, Linás and Asín. Its head is formed by the Bujaruelo and Ordesa valleys, which are bordering the French Valley of Gavarnie. The beauty and the natural wealth of these places originated the creation of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park in 1918, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, among other awards.

They surround the peak villages that are excellent lookouts of the Valley and the National Park: Tendeñera Mountain Range, Punta Corona, Acuta, Toeonzué, Litro and the mountain range from Pelopín to Gávalo. You must visit the small valley of Soaso de Linás, the Ara River banks, the Chate forests, the uninhabited small villages of Sobrepuerto and the impressive Sorrosal waterfall, which is in Broto village.

The architecture of the villages maintains a highland style, as you can see in its stone pavement streets, stone houses with roof tiles, huge Aragonese chimneys, Romanesque bridges, conjuratories, high bell towers and defensive towers. It is also important the old tower of the Broto prison, where there are very important engravings made by prisoners dated from different periods.

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Apartments and Rural house in Sarvisé (Huesca) near Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.