The Añisclo Canyon is one of the most important in Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. It is an impressive wild valley with a cirque and a deep canyon where we can enjoy a succession of waterfalls, slides, pools and dense forests. There are impressive ravines, rocky walls and stand out the vertical walls of a thousand metres of Sestrales and Mondoto.

In the low part there is a narrow road to San Úrbez bridge, a small masterpiece avoiding a gap of 40 metre-depth. The Sanctuary of San Úrbez and the Cueva de los Moros are in the surrounding area. At the top of the canyon passes a path near the Bellos river which goes through beech forests, such as the Ripareta forest. Arriving to the floor valley, there are many waterfalls, one of them is the Fon Blanca, born in the vertical wall of Añisclo peak (also known as Soum de Ramond).

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